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write for us

All guest posts with unique and valuable perspectives from pest control experts are accepted at Bestfleafogger.com. This gives our audiences the chance to learn from you.

Guest Post Guidelines

To submit your guest post to my blog, please comply with the following guidelines:

Only unique articles are accepted. Unacceptable posts are the ones that have already been published elsewhere online. We use special tools for checking plagiarism, so it is useless to send plagiarized articles. Be sure to send me entirely unique articles.

The minimum length for each article is 600 words.

An article should include an original landscape photo (1000 px under 800 kb) or you may take one from free sources such as pixabay.com or shutterstock.com.  Also include at least 3 photos (600 px) in the content. Leave the link to the original photographer for credit.

The the article can be added 1 dofollow link. Links to low quality websites or affiliate links are unacceptable.

It is necessary to have a short author bio.

Guest posts topics

  • Pest control
  • Home improvement
  • Pet care
  • Flea control


  • All posts must be original without cross-post content, grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Carefully check your article using Copyscape and Grammarly.
  • Product  and service promotion links can be charged by us.

If you approve of my guidelines above and are prepared to co-operate with them, send me the article. For further information about requirements, do not hesitate to email me at richard@mygreenerylife.com.

Thank you!