Best Flea Spray For Home: A Buying Guide And Product Reviews For 2018

Although we all know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, there is a common belief that pet owners are the only ones who need pest control treatments when it comes to flea infestations. In fact, humans are also one of their favorite hosts, which means that every household is at risk of flea attacks.

If you are looking for products, which will help you defeat fleas and inhibit further outbreaks without requiring too much physical effort and a lot of time, flea sprays might be a good choice. Do you know how to choose the best flea spray for your house among the hundreds of options of different brands on the market?

To help you out, in today’s article, I will show you the most important factors that a good flea spray product must have as well as give you in-depth reviews of 10 products manufactured by major names in pest control. It is my hope that after reading these, you will be able to find out the best flea spray for home use.

Best Flea Spray For Home - Comparison Table 

How to Choose the Best Flea Spray for Home

Before going to the intensive reviews, I am going to walk you through 6 criteria, which the best flea spray for your house should fulfill to achieve great results. At the end of this section, I will list several handy tips that you can apply apart from using the flea spray to get rid of fleas. Let’s get started!


The first thing which we need to consider is whether the product is easy to use. In this case, you must check if there will be any problems when deploying it, for example, if the button often gets stuck, or if you must press it down very hard to release the contents.

Otherwise, read the instructions carefully to see if the manufacturer requires you to clean all the targeted areas after every time of use due to the oily residues. If the answer is YES, as a consumer, I would never pick that one because cleaning tends to be a time-consuming exercise.

Can it kill fleas immediately?

I hate the idea of seeing annoying fleas happily jumping everywhere in my house after being exposed to a spray. Thus, when it comes to the best flea spray for home, the treatment product we buy must kill all the fleas on contact.

Is it effective at affecting fleas at other stages?

Unfortunately, eliminating adult fleas is just the tip of the iceberg, so the best solution is to make use of ongoing treatments as well as preventative measures. You should look for flea repellents which can defeat their eggs, larvae and even pupae.


I am sure that nobody wants to make a repurchase after buying a flea treatment. The best flea spray for your house should be able to cover a large area with just one container as fleas are likely to move around instead of living in one place. Therefore, remember to buy the one that can cover the largest area.

How long does the killing impact last?

To give you effective protection, the flea repellent ought to build a defense system after application. It needs to prevent uninvited guests from re-entering your living areas for a long time. This will enable you to inhibit further infestations.

Does it pose any health risks?

To answer this question, look at the list of ingredients. Normally, the manufacturers will add chemicals, especially active ingredients and insect growth regulators to enhance their product’s efficiency. However, the percentage of those insecticides in flea sprays should not be as high as in flea foggers since you apply sprays directly to objects and other surfaces.

You must use these types of controls with extreme caution if you live with children and pets, since they are prone to fatal symptoms after prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, the good news is there are a lot of organic flea treatments which take advantage of natural ingredients only. These non-toxic solutions will guarantee greater safety.

Those are the 6 main factors that you need to keep in mind to find the best flea spray for home. Now, we will move to the main part of today’s article – the detailed reviews.

Best Flea Spray For Home Reviews

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Pet & Home Spray

best flea spray for home

Our rating:

The first control product which we will consider to be the best flea spray for home is Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Pet & Home Spray. The special feature of the Vet’s Best products is that all of them have plant-based formulas. Instead of using toxins, they make use of natural essential oils including peppermint oil, eugenol from clove plants, and sodium lauryl sulfate to eliminate mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and even flea eggs.

Thanks to the plant-based ingredients ensuring extra safety, consumers can deploy them inside the house, for instance, kennels, rugs, carpets, upholstery, blankets, pillows, pet beddings, or baseboards.

The formulas are specially designed to be water-based so that the product is suitable to be used in your garden as well. Moreover, it will not leave any wet stains on the surfaces or bad odors after application

On the negative side, if you regularly apply the product to your dog or cat, their skin might become dry. Likewise, prolonged skin contact is likely to cause allergic reactions. 


  • Uses certified natural ingredients
  • Effective at controlling mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas
  • Could be used indoors, outdoors, and directly on pets’ skin
  • No artificial fragrance and stubborn stains


  • Might trigger an allergic reaction when regularly using or with a high dosage

Wondercide Flea and Tick Control Spray for Cats Dogs and Home

best flea spray for house

Our rating:

If you are afraid of applying harmful chemicals used in common products, Wondercide Flea and Tick Control Spray for Cats, Dogs & Home could be a candidate for the best flea spray for house for you. 

In fact, it is 100% naturally derived without pyrethroids, pyrethrins or other pesticides, so that this flea repellent is safe for use around children, nursing mothers, kittens, puppies, and seniors.

Furthermore, due to the natural ingredients, you can use it on furniture items, directly apply it to pets’ skin, and you can also use it in outdoor places.

In spite of the lack of active ingredients and insect growth regulators, this flea control product does a great job when it comes to killing mature fleas, pupae, larvae, eggs as well as mange, mites, mosquitoes, ticks and so on. Apart from that, this Wondercide treatment is highly recommended by Holistic Veterinarians. Your pets’ coats will be nice and shiny after being massaged with this.

The biggest drawback of this product is that cats hate the sound of the spraying and the scent of this product. Consequently, you will find it challenging if you want to use it on your cat.


  • 100% naturally derived without toxic chemicals
  • Eliminates fleas at any stage of their life cycle and other insects as well
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors and directly on pets 


  • Cats do not like the scent and the spraying

Wondercide Flea and Tick Control

best flea fogger for house

Our rating:

This is another organic product from Wondercide. The active ingredients that the manufacturer uses are lemongrass oil and cedar oil. While the former prevents the attack of pests, the latter is responsible for killing them on contact, and regulating their metabolism, movement as well as heart rate.

Another reason that Wondercide Tick and Flea Control should be the best flea spray for home is that it does not cause toxic effects to your children and pets thanks to the pH balance formulated for healthy skin. Also, the spray will not stain flooring, furniture, or pets’ fur. 

The only problem is that the scent might be a bit too strong, especially for those who are sensitive to smell. It might get your pets annoyed when you directly spray it on their coat. 


  • Safe for people of all ages and for all pets due to the organic ingredients
  • Quickly kills fleas and other insects
  • Provides complete protection by stopping the development of pupae, eggs, and larvae
  • pH balanced to prevent skin irritation


  • The scent is a little too strong

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II Premise Pest Control Spray

best flea spray for home

Our rating:

If your living area is heavily infested with fleas, Vet-Kem Premise Siphotrol Plus II Pest Control Spray will definitely be the best flea spray for house for you. The formula is designed to be fast-acting and it will knock out all of the mature fleas 10 minutes after being sprayed. 

Due to the water-based spray, this flea control product is user-friendly, and it does not leave a sticky mess or lingering odor after use.

Moreover, one container can handle a very big room (up to 2,000 square feet). The new formula will penetrate into carpets to make sure that even fleas that are hiding will be exposed to the chemicals.

Apart from that, the killing impact will last for 14 days to eliminate all stubborn and hidden ones. Otherwise, the 30-week defense system will be created to prevent further infestations.

All the main advantages are due to the use of pesticides in the ingredients – methoprene, permethrin, and phenothrin. However, this is also the biggest downside because it must not be used directly on humans and pets because of potential health risks. 


  • Fast-acting formula to kill adult fleas and other common insects
  • Goes into hard-to-access areas to attack fleas
  • Does not leave oily residues after use
  • Offers users a very long protection to inhibit further outbreaks 


  • Makes use of toxic chemicals posing potential health threats

Ultracide-flea Tick Professional Pest Control Product

best flea spray for house

Our rating:

When looking for the best flea spray for home we must consider Ultracide-flea Tick Professional Pest Control Product. It is said to be used by vets and in warehouses, trucks, trains, boats, ships, buses, offices, schools, motors, kennels, houses, and so on.

Also, each can is able to deal with a 2,600-square feet space, which is a very impressive size for any flea spray product. Similar to other control treatments we have mentioned above, Ultracide will destroy adult fleas, pupae, larvae, and eggs to give you a comprehensive solution.

Surprisingly, the residual flea control effect will last for up to 7 months to prevent re-infestations. Nevertheless, to achieve this great efficiency, the manufacturer adds a high percentage of harsh chemicals, including permethrin, pyrethrins, nylar, and N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide. 


  • Can be applied in different places
  • Treats a massive room
  • Eliminates fleas at any stage of their life cycle
  • Offers consumers a complete and very long protection for up to 7 months 


  • Uses a large number of toxins

Wondercide EcoTreat - Natural Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate

best flea spray for house

Our rating:

Wondercide EcoTreat – Natural Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate is another natural alternative to harsh chemicals. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The manufacturer takes advantage of human-grade ingredients which are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

It will also repel and kill palmetto bugs, roaches, silverfish, scorpions, Japanese beetles, moths, mites, no-see-ums, chiggers, ants, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and so on. Despite the enormous power, this concentrate is safe around beneficial insects, pets, and your children. Thus, we can recommend EcoTreat – Natural Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate as the best flea spray for your yard.

As it comes in the concentrated form, users will need to mix it with water before applying with sprayers, pressure or compression applicators. This process will take a little time to find out the best dilution ratio. Furthermore, it does not have a very good protection time after application, so you will need to reapply the flea treatment regularly. 


  • Safe around pets, children, and beneficial insects thanks to natural essential oils
  • Could be used indoors and outdoors to get rid of many kinds of common pests
  • Can be applied with many types of applicators


  • Takes time to dilute the concentrate with water
  • Needs regular deployment 

Wondercide Cat, Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment Spray

best flea spray

Our rating:

As a member of the best flea spray for home group, Wondercide Cat, Tick, and Flea Prevention and Treatment Spray kill ticks and fleas at any phases of their life cycle without using any chemical pesticides like other dips, bombs, or pills available on the market.

You can use this flea spray on fabrics, furniture, carpets, flooring, beddings, dogs, and cats of all ages and sizes. Also, the formula has been particularly formulated to be non-staining and to have a good pH balance to protect your pets’ coat and skin.

The main problem is that both dogs and cats can’t stand the smell, so it is nearly impossible to apply the spray onto them directly. One more thing you should take into consideration – this control product from Wondercide is not strong enough to deal with heavy infestations. As a result, fleas might come back to your house after a few days. 


  • Effective enough to affect ticks and fleas at all stages
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Safe enough to use on dogs and cats of all sizes and ages
  • Formulated to be non-staining after application
  • Protects the pets’ coat and skin due the balanced pH level


  • Nasty Smell
  • Not powerful enough to control heavy infestations

Raid Flea Killer Plus, Carpet & Room Spray

best flea spray for house

Our rating:

This pest control product is from a very well-known brand – Raid. The formulation of Raid Flea Killer Plus, Carpet & Room Spray is made to attack mature fleas and their hatchings as well. To help you to completely get rid of these annoying insects, it will create a 4-month protection barrier as an absolute maximum to prevent your living area from further attacks of fleas.

As the name suggests, the product is suitable for pet bedding, upholstery, and carpets. Furthermore, it can work upside down and provide you with a wider-angle spray to finish fleas off even when they are hiding in hard-to-reach positions.

On the downside, Raid repellent consists of 5 toxic chemicals as the main components to improve efficiency. Hence, use it with extreme caution to avoid health hazards. 


  • Kills both fleas and hatchings
  • Provides consumers with a 4-month protection period
  • Penetrates into hard-to-access areas to kill pests 


  • Utilizes hazardous chemicals

Raid Flea Killer for Home and Dogs

best flea spray for home

Our rating:

As one of the best flea sprays for home, this Raid flea killer will destroy both pre-adult and mature fleas, as well as ticks, silverfish, roaches, and crickets to keep your house clear of insects. Aside from using it around your living area, you could also apply this flea spray directly to your dogs as it is safe for them.

Additionally, the manufacturer has devised the formulation so that the contents will not leave oily residues after application. Hence, cleaning will not be necessary which will save you a lot of time.

Keep in mind that the main active ingredients are pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, tetramethrin, and N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide – toxic pesticides that can cause health issues. Also, the scent is very heavy which some people may not like. 


  • No-staining formulation to avoid cleaning up after spraying
  • Good at eliminating several kinds of insects and their eggs
  • Safe for dogs 


  • Has too strong a scent
  • Contains toxins in the ingredients 

Precor 2625 Premise Spray

best flea spray for home

Our rating:

The last flea control treatment in this best flea spray for house article is Precor 2625 Premise Spray. If you are familiar with flea foggers, you will recognize this line of products which is owned by Zoecon – a very popular name in this industry.

Each Precor flea spray can cope with a 2,625-square foot room as an absolute maximum. It is designed to target Asian lady beetles, spiders, crickets, roaches, bed bugs, carpenter ants, fire ants, and many other common insects.

Like most flea control treatments on the market, this Precor product contains a high percentage of dangerous chemicals, including (S) etofenprox, tetramethrin, pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, and (S)-methoprene. Although it contains insect growth regulators, it seems to not to work well on the hatchings that play a key role in recurrent flea infestations. 


  • Can cover a massive area
  • Works on many different types of insect


  • It has hazardous substances in the ingredients
  • Not good at preventing the development of hatchings


That is all the reviews for today. I hope that my detailed buying guide has helped you to choose the best flea spray for your house. In general, all of the reviewed flea control products meet most of the most important buying factors, and interestingly they have all been formulated to destroy fleas at any phase of their life cycle. All of the manufacturers have formulated the sprays to be non-staining, which allows consumers to apply them directly to different surfaces, and even to their pets.

If I had to pick one to call the best flea spray for home, I would choose Vet-Kem Premise Pest Control Spray Siphotrol Plus II for several reasons. The formula has been devised to be fast-acting, knocking out all of the adult fleas in a very short time (10 minutes only) after deployment with a high rate of success.

This flea control product is easy to use and does not leave a sticky mess or a lingering odor after use thanks to the water-based formulation. Also, each can is enough for a 2,000-square feet space. Importantly, the impact will last for 14 days to eliminate all stubborn fleas, and the 30-week defense system will be built up to stop any re-infestation.

If you have any concerns about this topic, please leave a comment below. Lastly, don’t forget to like and share today’s article with your buddies. Thank you!

Thanks for reading!

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