The Best Way to Clean Pet Hair from Hardwood Floors

Owning a pet is all fun and games until grooming time. Other than battling to shower your dog, brushing the coat of your canine friend can get dramatic pretty quick. You have to be cautious with the tangled strands and be gentle with the brush. As the end of your grooming process, there are not only spills of water all over but worse, dog hair.

All dogs shed hair, but if you are lucky enough, you may land for a breed that does not shed a lot of hair as most do. Even then, it is not surprising that dog hair may not be a prime concern for typical pet owners like it is for families where allergies are a problem.

The battle, however, is in getting the dog hairs off of your floor. The last thing you want is to have dog hair spread all over your house, on couches, beds, and dishes. That said, every dog owner must have a way of cleaning their floors that works best for them. However, for owners with hardwood floors, there is more at stake. In an effort to protect the floor, here is a breakdown of the best way to cleat pet hair from your hardwood floor:

Reduce Shedding

The number one way you can keep your hardwood floor clean of any dog hair is to minimize shedding of your pet. Technically, all dogs and cats shed hair, but at different intervals, depending on the breed of animal, as previously mentioned. That said, there are a couple of tricks that come quite in handy for pet owners, to help them reduce the amount of shedding on their animal friends.

For one, regularly trimming your pet will help get rid of some unnecessary shedding, what happens is, if you let your dog’s hair grow out too long, then you encourage loose hair, which creates room for additional shedding. Make an effort to trim and groom your dog’s hair frequently. While at it, make sure you shampoo and wash your dog occasionally, and while at it, brush out the hair strands to get rid of tangles and loose hairs.

Secondly, train your dog to stay off of hardwood. Let your pet know that there are areas in your house where he is not allowed to sit or rest. This way, you can manage his movements on other parts of your home that are not entirely difficult to clean.

Lastly, make sure your pet is eating right. A balanced diet rich in protein will go a long way to maintaining a healthy and lustrous coat that does not shed without cause.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

The use of a vacuum cleaner is the most common way of cleaning a floor of any kind of dirt. When it comes to getting rid of pet hair, you need a cleaning tool that will get to the tiniest hair bits without spreading them all over. A vacuum cleaner works great for daily cleaning that us hassle-free.

However, be particular with the type of vacuum cleaner you use on your hardwood floor. The different kinds of vacuum cleaners include handheld, upright, stick, canister, and robotic vacuums. Some vacuum cleaners have a hardwood floor attachment or a floor setting while others do not. The majority of them come with a two-part brush that is excellent in cleaning other surfaces, but not so much a hardwood floor. Choose one based on your preference and budget, but more so, based on functionality. While at it, look for one that features silicon brushes which are perfect for sucking up stubborn pet hairs without tangling around the brush.

Using Grass

At, you will realize that several ways can be used in cleaning up a dog’s mess. Using grass is one of those ways, more especially when it concerns getting rid of pet hair off of hardwood floor. Once you are done cleaning your compound, don’t let the freshly mowed grass go to waste. Sweeping your hardwood floor alone cannot completely get rid of the tiny stubborn pet hairs. However, the damp grass or even a few damp leaves can do the trick. Get a handful of the grass then scatter it on the target area of your floor. The moisture from the grass helps pick up the small pieces of hair on your floor. From here, sweeping will not leave behind any traces of dog of cat hair on your floor.

Besides, the damp grass will go a long way in preventing the pet hair from landing on any other surfaces on your house, including the furniture.

Using a Dry Dust Sweeper

If you feel like there are some corners of your hose that are hard to get, do more than use a vacuum cleaner, a dry dust sweeper works wonders when it comes to pulling out the stubborn dirt and pet hairs on corners of a room. This is a great strategy for cleaning out beneath furniture, especially where your dog or cat likes to hang out.

Using a damp cloth mop

To complement your dry dust sweeper, you may need a damp terry cloth mop, particularly on corners of your room and underneath furniture. Be careful not to dampen the mop too much. The idea is to trap in enough moisture to attract the stubborn tiny hairs from the floor like a magnet on a piece of metal.

Utilizing a Humidifier

A humidifier is ideal for picking up stubborn pet hair because it helps prevent the hairs from clinging to surfaces of your hardwood floor. Even though this tool is pretty common in areas of cold climate, if you are having that much trouble getting rid of the dog hairs, then consider using it to keep your hardwood floors intact.

Using a Deshedding Glove

A Deshedding glove is a tool that is made for getting rid of pet hair on furniture and floors. Ideally. The device works by rubbing it over on the target surface to pick up any loose dirt on those areas. When it comes to cleaning pet hair on hardwood floors, you will find this method very useful, mainly when collecting the small pieces of hair on the stubborn corners of your room.





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