The Common Fall Pest And How You Can Manage Them

The cold season forces everyone to retreat into the warmth of their homes. Sitting in the living room by the fire and wrapped up in a big blanket makes you feel warm and cozy – that is, until you see a mouse scurrying across your floor.
You might not be the only one enjoying the indoor heating. Pests like mice, rats, roaches, spiders, and bugs will take residence and invade every corner of your living space, and it’s down on you to rid them once and for all because ignoring them will only increase the scope of the problem. Here are the common methods you can employ in your home maintenance to reduce the chances of an infestation:

Top Pest-Proofing Tips For Fall

• Use the best ultrasonic pest repellers to discourage any pests from entering your home
• Screen every vent and opening that leads indoors.
• Keep all your attics, crawl spaces, and basements dry and well ventilated because pests love moisture. Get yourself a couple of dehumidifiers and install them in these locations.
• Seal every crevice and crack using steel wool and caulk. Some pests can enter through the pipes, so observe which exposed ones enter your home and check for any openings.
• Keep your house clean and free from exposed food or trash.
• Have a solid outdoor system for drainage. This will take away a potential entry point and prevent the build-up of leaks and moisture.

Different Fall Pests And Bugs


Much like any rodent, they look for shelter and food as the climate gets colder. Rodents can enter your home in a variety of ways, so sealing every entry point is a must.


If your house is already infested with spiders, there’s a high chance that they’re staying put, because they breed by the hundreds, even thousands. The best course of action is to employ professional help as soon as possible.


Cleaning your house is the best method of preventing an ant infestation. Sweep away food crumbs, wipe any spills, take your trash out, and clean dirty dishes immediately after using them. By removing all potential food sources, you’re taking away an ant’s motivation for setting up shop in your house. Try some liquid bait if your house is already infested.

Unique Fall Insects

Stink Bugs

Being impatient with these bugs only lead to disaster, because squishing and smashing them will release a putrid odor. The smell of the fumes released from their bodies can linger in your home for many hours before dissipating. Instead of squashing them, you can use their vacuum and transfer them in a container or trash bag to be placed outside. This way, you’re bypassing the need to squish them.

Lady Beetles

These beetles can be potentially troublesome because they feast on beneficial insects. If you want to keep them at bay, you can leave whole cloves and bay leaves because they dislike their scent. You can place them in already infested areas or entry points that they frequent to discourage their entry. Lady beetles try to escape the harsh weather by crawling inside homes, so seal every crack and ensure all of your doors and windows are tightly shut and sealed.

Box Elders

Fall and late summer are the optimum times to prevent any box-elder bug infestation. Seal every possible point of entry using spray foam or caulk. Entry doors should have door sweeps, and garage doors should have rubber seals that cover small openings. Replace damaged door and window screens and include those found on your vents and roof.


The absolute best way to keep your home protected from a majority of fall-related pest infestations is to follow our tips carefully and properly maintain your home. However, if things are starting to get out of hand, and you’re already dealing with a mass-infestation, it’s often best to contact a professional service and hire them or ask for their recommended treatment.






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