So, You’ve Got Fleas in Your Dorm Room – Now What to Do?

You thought it was for filthy places only. You didn’t invite them in. You don’t even know how they got there. Maybe it was the previous resident; did someone have a dog or cat in this room? It really doesn’t matter. The point is you now have the problem, and quite a problem it is.

Negative Effects of Fleas

But fleas only cause problems for pets, right? Nor right at all. There are some major problems for humans too.

  • Humans get bitten by fleas. The bites leave red bumps and are quite itchy. And some people have allergic reactions to these bites.
  • Fleas do carry some diseases, although this is rare.
  • If fleas are not eradicated, they will continue to multiply and infest

Obviously, you do not want them in your dorm room. These are close quarters, and an increased infestation will make you miserable and anyone else who visits that room. Clearly, you have some work to do to get rid of them.

Finding Solutions

First of all, you are a college student. You know how to do research, right? You have probably connected with at least one reviews page, as you have looked for writing services that may be able to help you with your writing assignments. So, here is how you should proceed to take care of your flea problem.

  1. Do the research. Where do these little pests come from? What is their life cycle? How often and how much do they reproduce? How can you attack them at each point in their life cycle? If you intend to rid your room of fleas, you need to find the best procedures to make sure that you not only kill live fleas but that you also kill their eggs and larvae.
  2. Explore the products that are on the market and conduct a full review of these products. You must be certain that any products you choose will work on all stages of the flea life cycle.
  3. Resign yourself to the fact that you may have to treat the infestation several times, in order to ensure that you really have eliminated every bit of the problem.

Choosing Solutions

You have a number of options for solutions to your flea infestation problem. Here they are.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

Any number of professional services will be available to you locally. They will come in, take care of the problem, and most will guarantee their results. This is the most expensive option, of course, but the problem will be resolved.

DIY Flea Solutions

If you are averse to harsh chemical solutions (and many of us are), then you may want to try some home remedy, all-natural solutions. These range from using such ingredients as lemons, vinegar, Borax, etc., and all involve making a solution that you can then spray everywhere. Coupled with this, of course, is washing all bedding, etc. in hot water and drying on high heat as well – at the same time that you are spraying your baseboards, your carpeting or another flooring, your mattress, etc. Everything in the room must be treated at the same time.

Commercial Solutions

There are a large number of commercial solutions on the market from which to choose. Again, you need to do the research. Just as you would research the best editing service reviews for getting the help you need with your school assignments, you need to research the customer reviews of these solutions. Read through these reviews thoroughly and select the one that has the most positive reviews.

Multiple Treatments

One of the key takeaways that you should have from all of your research is this: if you use solutions other than a professional service that comes with guarantees, you will need to commit to multiple treatments over a period of time. Flea eradication is difficult, because you never can know for certain that you have eliminated every vestige of fleas in their life cycles.

You may kill all active, living fleas, but you may not have killed all of the eggs or larvae. To do that, you may have to apply treatment several days in a row. This requires a lot of vigilance on your part and a commitment to spending the time you need to make sure that you have really eradicated the problem.

You Can Do This!

Lots of people have solved their flea infestation problems, in far larger spaces than your dorm room. The beauty of your problem is that it is at least in a small area and is clearly confined. Think how much worse it could be if you were dealing with an entire house.

The key to getting rid of your fleas will lie in persistence, especially if you are going to tackle the problem by yourself. It will require several days of treatment, all in a row until you no longer feel or see any vestige of those little critters.

And once you no longer see or feel any lingering presence, treat one more time, just for good measure.

And Prevention?

Don’t bring an animal into your dorm room – not a dog, a cat, a bird, a rabbit, or a hamster. While fleas only attack mammals, there are other pests that attack birds (think lice). If you have need of a living pet, go for the fish!




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