Tips to Remove Skunk and Squirrel from Your Property

Skunks and squirrels are harmless creatures, but their infestation can be a significant problem. They may carry fleas and ticks that can be transmitted to your pets. Squirrels often spray their urine and feces near their inhabitant. It may increase the risk of salmonella. A skunk bite may carry rabies. They are omnivores and can spend their life on human waste. Skunks often find their residence under decks and in yards. To avoid these problems, you have to remove these animals from your property. Here are some tips for squirrel and Denver Skunk Removal.

Remove Natural Food Sources

Skunks are foragers, so they will eat everything nutritious. If your garden or backyard has trees containing fruits, crabapples, berries, and nuts, clean them as soon as possible. These things can attract skunks and squirrels. Similarly, harvest ripe vegetables and fruits in the garden. Keep a tray under a bird feeder to catch maximum seeds, and frequently remove seeds dropped by birds.

Stay Calm for Squirrels

For squirrel removal Houston, you have to stay calm to avoid an aggressive response. The squirrel also wants to leave your house, so stay calm to prevent her erratic behavior. A squirrel may be rabid; therefore, you have to avoid any scratch or bite.

Try to isolate squirrel from your pets. A disease squirrel can spread diseases, ticks, and fleas. Your pets may get infected by biting or eating a rabid squirrel. Keep an ill squirrel away from your pets. Encourage squirrel to leave by providing a path of escape. Make sure to close all routes and leave one exit open in your house.

Close all hiding spots, such as cupboards, crannies, books, and drawers. A squirrel can make them her natural habitat. Remove all possible food sources because squirrel will not go in the presence of food. She can cut thick bags with her teeth, so hide everything.

Protect any Waste

Just like raccoons and stray animals, skunks and squirrels can survive on garbage. It is essential to seal trash cans properly. Feel free to buy locking cans for garbage. Store all bins in a shed because skunks can detect waste with its smell. Skunks eat old vegetables and fruits, eggshells, peels and other items in a compost bin. For this reason, carefully enclose your compost bins.

Install Lights in Yards

Remember nocturnal skunks will stay away from bright lights. If your yard has sufficient light at night, it will not attract skunks. Unfortunately, bright light can attract moths and crickets. Feel free to choose solar lights or an energy-saving bulb to decrease your electricity bill.

Repel Skunks and Squirrel with Chemicals

Skunks don’t like the smell of dog and fox urine. Feel free to buy special products with fox and dog urine from a hardware store. Spray this chemical in your yard to deter skunks. For squirrels, you can use cider vinegar. They don’t like the smell of vinegar, so soak a few rags in cider vinegar to put them in the room with squirrels. The smell of vinegar forces squirrels to leave your house. 






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