How to Treat Fleas in Your Car

There is nothing so disgusting like failing to enjoy the most fantastic moments that you yearned for when you hadn’t bought your car just because of mere fleas. Does it please you? You have to worry no more, you have got the solution.

In most cases, we perceive these fleas as insects that only infest animals like dogs and cats but here comes the surprise when the same fleas deny us of our comfort in our comfort cars since we have the same blood they suck from the animals.

 In order to regain your comfort in your car, the fleas have to be done away with. For the treatment process, I would prefer you use the following; flea powders, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, flea sprayers, and boric acid.

The following are simple steps that will comfortably allow you to completely remove the fleas from your luxurious car.

Step 1: Treatment of the surrounding

Since the fleas stay the surrounding that is mostly occupied by domestic animals like cats, dog pets, it should be treated first. This can be done using the sprays and even the powdery pesticide especially the kennels.

This will lower the number of fleas that are likely to infest the car. The most appropriate and effective chemical, in this case, would be the boric acid. This has the capability of killing the fleas together with their eggs.

Step 2: Treatment of the pet

Pets are playful animals that select that they play in with less care. Since the pets are the animals that we can barely stay in their presence, we can barely exclude them from our vehicles when we drive.

Due to this fact, the pets have to be treated properly to avoid transfer of the fleas from the surrounding to the car. You can use the insecticides when treating the pet considering the dangers of the pesticide to the pet or shampoos.

Step 3: Empty the car

Ensure that your car is empty by removing all the removable items such as carpets, bed of the pet, mats, and blankets and place them outside near the car. This enables you to move freely and access all the places of the cars. 

Step 4:  Dress up

Bearing in mind that the treatment process can involve the use of chemicals like the insecticides which can be dangerous to human health, you should dress appropriately to protect your body. Ensure that the whole of your body is covered from the insecticides.

You can use clothes like an apron, long-sleeved shirts, head protectors like cape and gumboots on your legs. You can also have gloves that can be disposed of for your arms and glasses to protect your eyes.

Step 5: Vacuum treatment

Use a vacuum to clean all the interior parts of the Subaru car taking more time cleaning the floor and the sides of the vehicle. Take your time to clean the seats especially underneath.

 Do not forget the items you removed from your car because they form part of it. Get down to them and clean them too. The cleaning can also be done through steam cleaning.

Step 5: Application of the powdery insecticide

Apply the powdery insecticide using powder applicator. Fill in the insecticide into the powder applicator. With the lid tightly closed, shake the applicator gently to settle down the powder. Apply the powder by squeezing the applicator.

Maintain its tip to the targeted areas of the car as close as possible to ensure the effectiveness of the powder. Do not forget their areas of hibernation such as cracks, under the seats and the crevices.

 As I have mentioned in the previous step, extend the same treatment to the other items removed from the car. Treat them on all sides.

Step 6: Mist application

Having in mind that powders are vulnerable to any movement, the vapor-like application is to ensure that the insecticide powder sticks to the parts of the car for further treatment of the vehicle from the flea.

In a slow motion, apply the mist on the surfaces in the same way you applied the powder. Apply the same treatment to the other items on the ground. You can use insect spray.

Step 7: Further the treatment effect

Our main aim is to deliver a total treatment of the car from the fleas. For the treatment to take its proper effect, ensure that all the doors and the window remain tightly closed for a period between 30-40 minutes.

You then have the windows and the doors open for air circulation of the car and also to dry after which you bring back and fix the items that you removed from the car.

Step 8:  Maintenance of the treatment

In order to ensure that your car is free from the fleas, the treatment stages number 5, 6 and 7 have to be repeated between the period of one to one and a half weeks.  This enables that eradication of the newly hatched flees.

In order to maintain the fleas-free car, you should consider the following prevention measures.

  • Treat your pet regularly to reduce the chances fleas that may have infested it to the car after treatment.
  • Never allow any infested pet into the car.
  • Employ a constant use of repellants to keep the fleas off your stunning Subaru car
  • Maintain a regular steam and vacuum treatment of the car to do away with the eggs that may find their way to the car. This should be appropriate after every one and a half weeks.
  • Occasionally, take your pet for a walk instead of a drive.
  • Take caution of the places you park your car. Avoid places that are suspected of flea infestation, that is, the dusty places.

Final Words

There is nothing as shameful as being distracted by fleas from a luxurious drive heading to enjoy your moments with a friend or a fiancé. Get rid of the unnecessary shame. With the above clear step, I bet you will be that lucky one to have the best control of these monstrous blood-thirsty fleas. When you are not using your car, you can get a car cover for Subaru to ensure your car is in good condition all the time.

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