Used Cooking Oil: How Do Companies Profit from It?

The food industry produces a lot of waste. One of the most significant waste products from food processing plants, commercial kitchens, and restaurants is used cooking oil and grease. With the advent of recycling and the push for more sustainable methods of disposing of waste, there is a call for going beyond the oil bank. Thankfully, there is now a way that producers can get rid of their trash and earn from it.

Going Green with Yellow

Yellow grease, created from used vegetable cooking oil and grease, is a compound that is being used in a multitude of new products that give new life to the forms. It is considered more eco-friendly than throwing out the used products.

Yellow grease can be turned into new products that fall into many different categories in the market. It can be used as animal feed, soaps, white grease, antioxidants, and even biodiesel. From this, there has been a growing demand for it in a spread market.

Some companies specialize in purchasing these waste products from commercial kitchens and suppliers. It can help them go green in their waste management. The deal is more lucrative because they pay by the exact weight, giving the products another go at creating more profit for the seller.

With the fast-food industry alone producing over one billion liters worth of yellow grease, thousands of businesses can profit from their waste. They can also remove both social and ecological concerns that come with dumping this waste.

Grease is the word

Because of the way it can solidify and thicken, grease can either be good or bad. A lot of people tend to pour it down the drain, but this causes a lot of blockages. It can ruin a plumbing system and result in damages that add unwanted expenses.

These unwanted materials come from sources that have been mixed with other things. Sifting through them and placing them in specific containers is a recommended way to store them. Keeping them cool and protected from other contaminants will also make the turnover process more manageable when the buyers pick them up.

This goes beyond purely cooking oil as well. If a kitchen has a lot of animal fats and other by-products that make up their waste, this can also be sold to services that can recycle the waste into usable goods.

As plenty of interest grows, businesses can choose where they decide to sell their waste. Turning yellow to gold becomes a matter of picking the most suitable buyer that meets location, a good and fair pricing method, and transparency with where they distribute the waste.

For commercial kitchens aspiring to make more of their used oil, there is likely a yellow grease disposal service that can cater to you. All you need to do is reach out to them. Learn more of the basics about how to have them retrieve your grease and maintain this system.

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