Healthy Gift Ideas for All Occasions: Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps are not just an ideal décor option for your office or your bedroom, but it is also a very good option to be given out as a gift to your clients, relatives, and friends. 

Are you looking for some healthy unique gift ideas? Do you want to gift your friends and family with one of the best health and wellness gifts? 

Himalayan natural salt lamps are composed of dried remnants of the original, primal sea. Due to its hygroscopic nature, it attracts water molecules to itself; thereby, trapping air pollutants like mold, bacteria, and allergens in it. So, when the Himalayan salt lamp is turned on, it dries out the salt and continues to attract water vapor and pollutants. 

Consequently, freeing the water vapors back into the air; but trapping the dangerous pollutants within the salt lamp. 

So, if you care for your loved ones; would you like to opt for one?

Before we look into the best gift option, let’s look into some of the salt therapy products. 

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamps

A Himalayan pink salt lamp is the most effective salt therapy product you can opt for! They improve the ambiance of your room naturally. The fluorescent light lit in your room not only purifies the air, improves breathing, reduces stress but also helps improve sleep. Most importantly, they are the best purchase you can make to decorate your room or gift your loved ones. 

Now, let’s look into the reasons Himalayan salt lamps are a perfect choice. 

Reasons Himalayan Salt Lamps Are the Best Gift

Promote Negative Ions

We are living in a technology-savvy world; where we are surrounded by electronic devices. Therefore, we are not only getting dependent on them but we are sieged by positive ions. These positive ions result in impairing brain functions and suppressing the immune system; resulting in anxiety, fatigue, and other health-related issues.  

Heating a Himalayan salt lamp promotes negative ions; thereby purifying the air quality and bringing in more energy and vitality in the air. 

So, what are you waiting for? Replace positive ions with the negative ones and make this mother’s day a special one for your dear mother by presenting her with one of the unique Himalayan salt lamps.

Alleviate Allergies 

Are your loved ones suffering from asthma, depression, stress, or any minor or acute allergy? If yes, then it’s time to give them an excellent gift. Rock salt lamps can boost your loved one’s energy level and strengthen their immune system.  Thereby helping people with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), anxiety, depression and various other health-related problems.

Lovely Ambiance

Do you adore the soft, ambiance lighting glow in your room?  Would you like to sleep with a dim glow lamp turned on beside your bed? It creates an overwhelming serenity! If you love it; so will your loved ones. 

Salt lamps and various other salt products naturally heal the mind, body, and soul; thereby promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle. 

Wide Range of Options  

The natural Himalayan rock salt naturally comes in different shapes that are a genuinely unmatched option for any other décor. Moreover, they come in various types of colors; most demanded and famous is the pinkish-orange hue. 

Some of the finest manufacturers have transformed the natural rock salt into a piece of art. Among many, Fab Glass and Mirror are reliable, authentic manufacturers. So, if you want a decorative Himalayan rock salt lamp as a gift for your loved ones; try Fab Glass and Mirror. They offer a wide range of salt lamps. 

Let’s look into different types of salt lamps in detail below. 

Different Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Natural Salt Lamp 

The natural salt lamp comes in its pure form. The natural shape of the crystal rock salt retains within the natural salt lamp. Thereby creating an ambiance and serene environment that helps to improve the living space in your loved ones’ home. Natural salt lamps can be placed in a bedroom, living room and even in toddler’s room.

Credited by fab glass and mirror

Natural Salt Lamps

Decorative Salt Lamp

Decorative salt lamps create a modern alluring look. If you detest natural look and prefer an elegant yet natural look; look out for flame-shaped salt lamps. You can opt for the following decorative rock salt lamps:

  • Chunk bowl-shaped salt lamp
  • Pyramid-shaped salt lamp
  • Christmas tree shape salt lamp
  • Rectangle shape salt lamp
  • The egg-lined style shape salt lamp  

Credited by fab glass and mirror

Decorative Salt Lamp

Salt lamp night light 

Night light lamps are the best salt lamps for night sleep. You can have lit the lamp at night and reduce stress and improve your loved ones sleeping pattern. Once, you lit the night light salt lamp; it will create a calming ambiance, thereby improving their mood and boosting their energy in the morning. A good night’s sleep and a good feeling to start a new day! 

Credited by fab glass and mirror

Salt lamp night light

Salt candle holder

The candleholder is always one of the most mesmerizing gifts you can buy especially when they hold natural healing powers. Salt candle holders create a radiant glow in any room and even washrooms. They create a perfectly cozy, comfy feeling you can think of. 

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Salt candle holder

Salt metal basket 

Himalayan basket salt lamps create the same awe-inspiring ambiance that other glowing lamps create. In fact, they come up with a natural light that can be the best setting for gatherings, or even dinner dates. 

Credited by fab glass and mirror

Salt metal basket 


Gifts spread love, affection, and laughter, especially a good gift; one that effectively soothes your loved ones’ health-related problems with ease. There are wide ranges of gift options but if you are looking for thoughtful gifts; then opt for Himalayan rock salt crystal products. They are legendary, famous and hold a wide range of health benefits. Among the ones we have listed; our recommendation is Himalayan salt lamps. The crystal rock salt lamps not only create an ambiance in the room but are a freshness to the eyes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs; choose the one you like best. You can also buy a salt candle holder. 

Fab Glass and Mirror is a good option in the market. You can browse their website and order online whichever type of lamp you like. They offer a wide range of Himalayan salt lamps options.  

What’s not to like about this gift anyway? Especially when it has so many benefits to offer. A perfect gift that will create serenity and style in any living area!



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