Three Unusual Benefits of Sunlight to Humans

Sunlight is good for a lot of things, not just for getting a suntan. If you check out some of the office buildings these days, you’ll notice that many of them are opting to use sunlight as their major source of power, like¬†commercial solar panels. Many individuals and businesses in Utah are starting to use solar panels to light up their homes and establishments.

Aside from that, there are many other benefits to sunlight, most of which are even health advantages. Know more what an ample amount of sunlight can do for you.

Sunlight can minimize risks of heart diseases

In a 2013 study, scientists discovered a correlation between high blood pressure and sunlight. In their study, they monitored people who frequently get an ample amount of sunlight and those who didn’t.

Their findings showed that those who got enough sunlight had lower blood pressure and consequently, less chances of suffering from a stroke. The people who were often sheltered from sunlight had the opposite effect. Their blood pressure was higher, so they were more at risk of experiencing a stroke.

The reason behind this is that sunlight initiates a chemical reaction on the skin. When sunlight enters the skin, the latter produces components of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enables the blood vessels in our bodies to widen, which means the blood can flow more easily and therefore, lessen the risk of having a stroke.

Sunlight can slow the development of obesity

The same scientists conducted further studies on sunlight and its impact on human health. They experimented on laboratory mice, where in the animals were overfed to cause obesity. But when the obese mice were exposed to an ample amount of sunlight, their weight gain significantly decreased.

The scientists replicated their findings by applying a cream with nitric oxide on the overfed mice. The end result was the same: their weight gain slowed down when nitric oxide was introduced to their body through their skin.

Sunlight can strengthen our immune system

Sunlight does double duty when it comes to boosting our immune system. Vitamin D, which is abundant in sunlight, already helps improve our immune system, but there’s another way that sunlight helps our bodies fight off any infection.

Sunlight can also boost our T cells, which are responsible for attacking cells inside our bodies that have been infected. So, before the virus gets to replicate and attack other healthy cells, the T cells will try to kill them.

Since sunlight helps T cells become stronger, it also enables the body to be more effective when it comes to killing viruses. So, if you want to be healthier, get an ample amount of sunlight to help fight off viruses floating in the air.

Due to our fears of getting skin cancer, we’ve learned to fear the sun a little bit too much. Sunlight is good for us, as long as we don’t expose ourselves to too much UV rays. If it’s sunny outside, go out and spend a few minutes under the sun. A little bit of sunlight goes a long way to making you healthier.






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