Seresto Dog Collar Reviews: Seresto Flea Collar for Small Dogs and Large Dogs

When it comes to flea prevention and treatment for pets, you have a wide range of choices coming from both natural and chemical products that are available on the market. To help you get a better idea, today’s article will discuss flea collars which have been specially designed for dogs, and the chosen brand is Seresto – one of the leading brands of tick and flea collars for pets. Apart from pointing out the unique features in each Seresto flea collar for small & large dogs, we will also do Seresto dog collar reviews so that you can find out which one can best meet your requirements.

Some Information About the Seresto Brand

Seresto flea collar for small dos & large dog

Before going into details and looking at the Seresto dog collar reviews, let’s look at some background information about Seresto.

This brand belongs to Animal Health – one of Bayer’s business units. As its name suggests, Animal Health focuses on providing innovative solutions and therapies to better the health and well-being of not only animals, but also pet owners, veterinarians, and farmers.

The Bayer group has many different well-known brands in pharmaceuticals, consumer health, crop science, and animal health. Some products that we should mention here are Liberty, Miralax, Flint, Aspirin, Stratego, Poncho, Bepanthen, Supradyn, Seresto, Drontal, Advantage, Elevit, and many more.

Distinctive Features

Since 1919, Bayer has achieved a top place in researching as well as developing solutions for pest control and animal health. They have released Seresto as an innovative and new collar which can effectively protect cats and dogs from ticks and fleas. Thanks to the application of their scientific formula, here’s what the Seresto collar can do:

  • Kill and repel ticks for up to 8 months
  • Eliminate fleas up to 7 – 8 months
  • Badly affect immature stages of ticks and fleas
  • Offer a continual low dose due to patented technology
  • Minimize compliance concerns due to a long duration
  • Be safe for pets, humans, and the environment
  • Decrease the risk of suffering from Vector-Borne Diseases
  • Remain odor-free and water resistant 

The active ingredients that the manufacturer makes use of – Flumethrin (4.5%), kills and repels nymphs, larvae, and ticks; and Imidacloprid (10%) takes out the lice, mature fleas, and larval stages.

There is a unique polymer matrix that contains these substances within the Seresto collar. The molecules will migrate to create a microlayer on the surface. The process will automatically stop when the concentration between the surface and the matrix gets balanced before moving to your pet’s hair and skin. Neutral oils support the chemicals in spreading and diffusing throughout the pet’s lipid layer to sustain optimal 8-month protection.

Proven to Be Safe for your Family and Pets

The Seresto release mechanism allows you to widen the collar if necessary. Otherwise, there is a breaking point which is predetermined, offering an additional layer of protection around the dog’s neck. For over 10 years, no case of strangulation has been reported.

Likewise, the Seresto collar is certified to be safe for both humans and pets with the following qualities:

  • Chemicals are carefully stored in the matrix
  • The release technology is designed to administer a correct small dose
  • A very high dose (5x) has been reported to cause no serious conditions excluding slight skin irritation and hair loss
  • If ingested, it might result in mild gastrointestinal issues only 

In the next part, we will walk through 6 Seresto flea collars for small dogs and large dogs.

Seresto Dog Collar Reviews

We have divided this section into 2 categories – one for small dogs, and one for large dogs so that you can look for your favorite product more easily.

Seresto Flea Collar For Small Dogs - Comparison Table

Seresto Flea Collar For Large Dogs - Comparison Table

Seresto Flea Collar For Small Dogs - Product Reviews

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs Small Under 18lbs

best flea collar for dogs

Our rating:

The first product in Seresto dog collar reviews today is the Seresto Tick and Flea Collar for Small Dog Under 18 Pounds. It is odorless, non-greasy, and very user-friendly so that your dog will not experience any discomfort and you will find no difficulty in deployment.

As with other Seresto flea collar for small dog products, this one has also been carefully formulated to provide your pet with an 8-month protection against fleas and ticks. Additionally, the flea collar could help eliminate lice, larvae, and immature fleas to prevent further infestation.

One special thing about this product is the water-resistance. The effectiveness remains even after swimming, a shampoo treatment, or prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain. This is a real bonus, as you will not need to remove the collar to let your young pet take part in those activities.

Although the manufacturer claimed that it could be used for a dog who weighs up to 18 pounds (8kg) on their label, it might be a bit too tight for a 16-pound dog. 


  • Odorless, non-greasy, and easy to use
  • Offers 8-month prevention
  • Repels and kills fleas and larval stages on contact
  • Water resistant 


  • A little too tight for 16-pound dogs

Seresto Flea Tick 7-8 Months Collar for Small Dogs up to 18lbs

Seresto flea collar small dog

Our rating:

Another Seresto flea collar for small dogs is the Seresto Flea Tick 7-8 Months Collar for Small Dogs up to 18lbs. The name might confuse customers. In fact, it does not bring your dog 7-8 months of prevention. Instead, this collar is produced for 7-week-old dogs and will protect them from the attack of fleas within 8 months.

It is approved by USA EPA and comes highly recommended by vets thanks to the 2 active ingredients - Flumethrin and Imidacloprid, which are utilized to manage flea infestations. The polymer matrix has been designed to continuously and slowly release chemicals for 8 months with a low concentration.

On the negative side, if your dog’s skin is sensitive, he or she might get slight skin irritation or skin allergies around their neck. We advise you to have a consultation with a vet to check whether your young dog faces a risk of skin diseases.

Now, it is time to move to the next Seresto dog collar reviews! 


  • Water resistant
  • Provides long-lasting protection via the continuous release
  • Easy to put on
  • Approved by EPA
  • Halts the development of immature fleas as well as killing the adults


  • Might cause mild skin irritation

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8 Month Protection

Seresto flea collar small dog

Our rating:

The Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs – 8-Month Protection is also in our Seresto dog collar reviews today. The product will work through contact so that it finishes fleas off within 24 hours after the initial application.

Due to the non-greasy formulation, there will be no mess while your dog wears it. As the collar will automatically release chemicals for 8 months, you will not have to worry about a monthly application. For safety reasons, pet owners can easily open the collar in order to adjust the size to the pet’s neck.

Despite these advantages, the collar seems not to work so well on thick-furred dogs because it is difficult to put it in place so that the substances can come into contact with their skin. Meanwhile, this does not support in controlling the infestation of gnats and flies around your pet.

This is the last of the Seresto flea collars for small dogs. Now, we will do reviews of 3 different flea collars for large dogs. 


  • 8 continuous months of protection
  • Odorless, non-greasy, and no mess
  • Water resistant
  • Easily adjusts to the neck size 


  • Is not highly effective on thick-furred dogs
  • Does not control gnats and flies 

Seresto Flea Collar For Large Dogs - Product Reviews

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar, Large Dog

Seresto flea collar large dog

Our rating:

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar – Large Dog is manufactured for above 7-week-old puppies and dogs, which weigh more than 18 pounds. Similar to products mentioned above in Seresto dog collar reviews, the killing impact will still effectively remain for about 8 months from the first deployment. Thus, there will be no need to concern yourself about a monthly application. 

The collar does not absorb water, so you will not need to remove it before your dog has a bath, goes swimming, or is exposed to rain. Also, it is certified to be safe for both pets and humans because of the special matrix that manages the release of active ingredients.

In spite of these plus points, slight hair loss might be caused if your pet has an allergy to the ingredients. Hence, it’s a good idea to consult a vet before using. 


  • 8-month prevention
  • Contains no odor and residual oils
  • Water resistant
  • Safe for humans and pets 


  • Might lead to slight hair loss

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8 Month Protection

Seresto flea collar large dog

Our rating:

The next product is the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs – 8-Month Protection. Produced by Seresto – Bayer, it has all distinctive features of their other flea collars. First, this flea collar will repel and kill ticks, fleas, flea larvae as well as lice. Importantly, the impact is sustained up to 8 months from head to tail – a very long-lasting protection, so pet owners do not have to pay too much for flea treatments.

Likewise, the strong resistance to water helps your dogs be active in all conditions without worrying about reducing the effectiveness. Additionally, the collar contains no oils or odors so that your pet will not get any discomfort.

Nevertheless, you ought to monitor your dog since he or she may get hives a few days after the initial application. Meanwhile, it takes a quite long time, about 10 days, to create a defense system. 


  • Water resistant
  • Gives pets an 8-month protection against fleas
  • Excludes odors and residues to avoid potential discomfort 


  • Might result in hives after several days if your dog is sensitive
  • Requires a quite long time to build up a defense system 

To Sum Up

In general, all of the Seresto flea collar for small dog & large dogs will give your puppies and dogs a very long-lasting protection that will inhibit further outbreaks. Also, they are water resistant so that your pets will be able to freely participate in both indoor and outdoor activities. Furthermore, these products have been certified to be safe for your families and your pets as well.

When it comes to our recommendation, we would say that the Seresto Tick and Flea Collar for Small Dog Under 18 Pounds for puppies and the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar – Large Dog for bigger dogs (heavier than 18 Pounds) are tops. Aside from efficiently helping your dog get rid of fleas, these 2 products cause no serious symptoms or have any unclear information for users. Therefore, among our Seresto dog collar reviews, they are standouts. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Do not forget to like and share our article today with your friends. 

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