A Quick Way to Feed Your Pet Using Wi-Fi

A friend of mine, Max had a pet dog. They went everywhere together- summer vacations and even to the mall. The dog needed Max’s time and attention- a constant commitment of care towards it from Max’s end. So did Max; he had responsibilities- a family to spend time with and companies to lead. Spending his time on things like feeding and caring for a dog (in comparison to his other jobs), was definitely not what he bargained for. Don’t get me wrong, he loved the dog.

This and many other reasons have caused the smart pet industry to kick into high gear in an attempt to create a machine which provides a true solution for pet owners like Max- smart pet feeders.

What is a smart pet feeder?

 A smart pet feeder can connect to your home router through a Wi-Fi connection. A smart pet feeder allows you to schedule feeding times and manage the portion sizes and food supply for your pet; even when you are away. It can be controlled from your smartphone or computer. Most smart pet feeders have embedded in each of them, a camera which gives you visual insight into how your pet is faring while you are away.

Why do I need it?

The task of being a pet owner is not easy. Pets demand your time. Looking after pets on top of your work, career, personal and family life would be close to impossible. Would it not be lovely to be exempted from doing this job of constant monitoring, but still enjoy the companionship of these pets (is that not why we keep them in the first place?) The smart pet feeder is a game changer! Irrespective of where you are- at work, out on a business trip, a summer vacation, a party or even a friend’s house- wherever you are, you can still keep in touch with your pet. Apart from keeping hunger from your pet, some pet feeders also come with accessory smart toys to keep the loneliness away also.

What if I am not able to connect to my Wi-Fi and feed my dog?

Has this question raced through your mind yet? The manufacturers understand that you may sometimes be in remote areas; getting little or no access to internet services. This is why they added the autopilot function to the smart pet feeders. Once the smart pet feeder notices you aren’t around to dish the food to your pet, it offers small doses of food per hour until you are back on track. This way, you would not starve your favorite companion- your pet.

Can I easily get it installed in my home?

Getting your smart pet feeder installed into your house is as easy as 123. In most of the reviews in have read, most readers admit it was quite an easy task to get it installed- too easy to be even called a task. All you have to do is plug it in, sync with your smartphone, push a few buttons and you are done. Your smart pet feeder is ready for use.

How can I find the best smart pet feeder?

Out there, you would find a lot of smart pet feeders to choose from. Remember my friend Max? Yeah. Before getting his smart pet feeder, he visited Robots In My Home. I think you should do so too.

Final Thoughts

It wouldn’t be much of a crime to splurge a little on something as beneficial as this right? Not minding the cost, go for a smart pet feeder which does not only get the job done but is also durable.

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